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Postet av Bjørn Holli den 17. Apr 2024

🏆 Exciting Tournament Invitation in Otta, Norway – With an Overnight Stay! 🏆

Dearest members and esteemed parents!

We are thrilled to announce that our club will be participating in an upcoming tournament in the beautiful town of Otta, Norway! This event is not just an opportunity to showcase our participants' talents but also to enjoy a memorable experience, including an overnight stay at accommodations kindly arranged by a school in Otta.

🗓 Date & Time: 1-2 June 2024 📍 Venue: Badminton Hall Otta, Norway [To update location later] 🛌 Accommodation: Overnight stay arranged by the Otta school 🏅 Events: U9 to SEN E

This tournament and overnight stay are fantastic opportunities for our members to compete, learn, grow, and bond. We believe in the power of sports to bring people together, and what better way to connect than through friendly competition in such a picturesque setting, complemented by a shared stay?

For our members, this is your chance to shine and demonstrate the skills you’ve been honing. For parents, this journey offers not only a chance to support your children but also to enjoy a family outing in Otta, known for its natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family and Friends: We warmly encourage you to join us in cheering for our team and enjoying the overnight stay. Your support means the world to our participants, and together, we can make this tournament an unforgettable experience.

🚗 Trip plan:

Departure to Otta: 31st May 2024
Overnight stay: From 31st May to 1st of June
Return home: 2nd June 2024
Travel options: Carpooling encouraged among parents choosing to drive; train and bus options available for others
Club management presence: Will stay until the last player finishes their match, parents may be needed
Food & beverage is included into the registration fee for the tournament
✉️ RSVP & More Info: Please register here:! If you have further questions about the trip (tournament, transportation, accommodation, etc) please feel free to reach out to the board .

Let’s make this tournament and our shared stay a wonderful occasion filled with fun, friendship, outstanding performances, and meaningful moments. We can’t wait to see our club members shine and to share this exciting adventure with all of you!

👏 Spread the word, pack your cheering spirit (and overnight bag), and let’s head to Otta for an incredible tournament experience with a special overnight stay!

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